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The T-shirt is marketing’s best friend.

Nobody promotes a brand quite like tee.

Custom T-shirts is one of the best strategies as it has no time expiration. People would wear custom T-shirts for years, which gives your business the opportunity to effectively spread your brand for the long term.

You do not need to be a world famous brand to benefit from promotional T-shirts. Even new businesses have used T-shirts to create awareness of their products, brands, and businesses.

Why t-shirts will be your best Marketing Strategy?

We use T-shirt to help you attract new customers.

T-shirts are sustainable

As long as they’re well kept, t-shirts outlast than any other type of advertisement. They last longer than ads on magazines, TV commercials and even online banners.

Promote everywhere they go

As long as the print remains visible, whenever they wear your T-shirt, they will turn into walking billboards of your brand.

Increase brand loyalty

Whenever a high-quality products are given away for free, this tends to increase brand loyalty. It’s simple, who doesn’t like free stuff? Especially well-made stuff.

Walking Advertisments

Businesses find that advertising themselves through clothing is effective as it travels around by those who wear it. Billboards and print mailings have a proven record of effectiveness, but these would cost a lot and not capable to reach a huge number of people.

Instead of delivering messages to the whole world, T-shirts can be re-worn many times which means that a one-time advertising investment for T-shirts can reach numerous people continuously as long as the T-shirt stays in style.


T-shirt Printing for Start-Ups

Based on our various experiences in the apparel-printing industry, we are able to offer a service catered towards the needs of modern start-ups. Here at Startuptshirt, we are offering the best T-shirt printing services and garments personalisation specialises on screen and digital printing.

Why do Startups need a t-shirt?

Simple. It’s affordable, effective and creates a tribe of devoted fans and employees who become brand ambassadors everywhere they go in the community. It’s a small investment for more business.

Every time they wear, automatically promote and expose your brand and business to a new crowd.

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